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Our staff bring a unique skill set to the company forged from many years experience on building sites. There is not much they haven’t seen when it comes to construction. Fortunately our respective skills are also complimentary, where one is technical the other is practical. Having completed many fine architectural homes we are now highly sought after and a strong demand exists for our professional and friendly approach.

New Homes

You deserve the satisfaction that comes from a well designed professionally built home. We will custom build your dream and take the time to fit your lifestyle, your family and your budget. Families love Kama built homes!


We will solve your space problem. Do your Kids need their own rooms or maybe a second bathroom? Is it time for a serious makeover instead of moving? We build extensions of all sizes. Soon you will be relaxing in a Kama Built custom renovation.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Ready for a long hot soak? We build glorious bathrooms full of light and space. We also construct well planned kitchens that are centrepieces. These two most important rooms are given five star treatment in Kama homes.

Architectural Homes

Whatever you are looking for, our unique combination of design and construction expertise can make it happen


Are you ready for relaxing days by the pool, with the kids splashing about and long warm evenings shared with friends.

We design, build and renovate your dream home.

New Home Builders

Designing new dream homes for our clients is our specialty. Browse here to learn more.


House Renovations

Is your family perfectly settled at home but everything is a little crowded? We suggest you don’t move, Improve! Keep everything you love and we will add some wow to the rest. We create room and do makeovers on gloom.



Custom joinery for any area in the home is one of our specialties. Browse here to learn more.

Our Success

From long experience we know we can tackle most building projects. for an obligation free chat.

What we can do for you

Latest Projects

Are you ready for relaxing days by the pool, with the kids splashing about and long warm evenings shared with friends Let us design you a Kama Construction swimming masterpiece.